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When my husband was alive India Palace was his favorite go to for a great meal. I continue to go when I can. It is the best Indian food around.Tammy and Avtar are special people. They always have a smile and a pleasant word for me. The service is exceptional. My mom is 95 and had Indian food for the first time couple of years ago. She is not a daring food person but she love it and I have taken her back for a great meal several times. Thanks for always making me feel genuinely welcome and for a great food experience.
margaret Neil, medford Or
when traveling to Medford we always have a meal here and love it. It's fun to take the food back to the hotel and watch movies, the food is always extraordinary and very authentic. The family pours their expertise and love into this place and it shows. Amazing flavors worth looking forward to.
Kim, portland or
After many attempts by my lovely wife to get me to try Indian food,one day I finally gave in. OMG...what I was missing !!! My selection on that day was the Chicken Tikka Masala and this is the dish I order almost EVERY time we go there, (about 120 mi. round trip). Tammy doesn't even ask for my order because she knows that's what I want because I LOVE IT !! All the food there is ALWAYS fantastic. Add some garlic naan to whatever and you will be in HEAVEN !! Just give it a try, you'll be glad you did !
Danny and Patrice T., Cave Junction, Or
We were passing through Medford and decided to stop for lunch. It was just after 1:00 and the place was nearly empty. After glancing over the menu, we opted for the buffet, even though it was pretty empty. Before we went back for seconds, everything had been refilled as promised. Absolutely all the vegetarian options we tried were wonderful. We definitely will make this a go-to place in the future. Loved it!
Vickie, California
I came across this gem quite by accident! I usually make a couple of business trips to the Rogue Valley area and, growing up in the Bay Area in California, I tend to be very critical of ethnic food. Imagine my (pleasant) surprise when I had the thali dinner and walked away sated and full. The aroma of the restaurant, coupled with the pleasant demeanor of the wait staff, made my dining experiences a hit every time I come here! A word of caution, though: this restaurant uses a 1-10 scale to gauge the heat (spiciness) of the entry. A "5" is NOT medium spicy! As someone who eats Korean, Thai, Mexican, and Cajun food on a regular basis, a "3" was enough to give my meal a good kick! I would recommend starting off with a "1" if it's your first time here or if you're not good with spicy foods in general before moving up the scale. Other than that, I would rate this restaurant among my top 10 favorite places to eat ever! Do your taste buds a favor and visit this place for dinner should you pass by Medford along the I-5. You definitely won't regret it!
J. Chen, Redding, CA
My family and I are of East Indian origin from South Africa and have had a hard time finding an Indian restaurant with food similar to our South African Indian style of cooking. Our visit to India Palace has found us that tasteful perfection that we have so long desired. Tammy the hostess was awesome, and as for the " Goat Curry"... perfection...I always believed that my mother cooked the best goat curry ever, and when I called her to tell her about my experience at India Palace, she cut the call on me.... The food was simply remarkable...Highhly recommended
Ashil Sing, Medford, Oregon
My family loves India Palace. This was the first place we tried Indian food, and after trying several other restaurants in the area, we always come back to this one. The food is excellent, good spicing, and service is good. My girls especially love the goat curry. Hubby had a man from Southern India working with him, and we took him to India Palace and to India's Kitchen. He thought Indian Palace was very good and authentic. India's Kitchen, on the other hand, got a lukewarm review--no spice or flavor, very Americanized (to my taste as well). We had the buffet there, so we had a little bit of everything. So if you want the best Indian food in the area, go to India Palace and forget about the others.
Pamela H, Gold Hill, OR
Another great Yelp recommendation... it was smaller than we expected, and being nearly empty, we were a little nervous. But the waitress was down to earth and friendly, easily putting up with our squirmy kids. Speaking of kids, I think this is the first Indian place I've been to with an actual kids' menu that isn't the standard "mac & cheese or a warmed up burger" menu. They got Tandoori and Curry and both enjoyed it. I had a salmon curry, which at #3 was just at my limit of enjoying the heat. I can't imagine a 5, let alone a 10. It was quite good, if slightly mushy. My wife's Korma was fantastic, as was my son's Vindaloo. Naan bread was unusually tasty. Lots of variety on the menu, especially for veggie's. I'd definitely come back.
Chris S, Monroe, WA
Good quality Indian food for Medford. Their spice level is something to watch for, they have scale of 1 to 10, many of us think 5 is middle, but it's pretty spice and I can't handle it. I'm moderate with spice, so go with 3 or 4. Bit pricey, offers vegan choice. Best Dhall in town No bad burps, stinky curry smell
Keeven K., Mountain View, CA
One of my favorite restaurants in the rogue valley. Owners Avtar and Tammy and their family are so kind and welcoming. They provide awesome service too. I love Indian food and I highly recommend the chicken tikka masala (spicing is available from mild number 1 to mouth scorching number 10.) I have tried a ten and it will make you sweat! Chef Avtar also makes a variety of curry dishes as well and these are very good too. Definitely a must is ordering a side of naan bread, and dig in by using the bread as a spoon. Appetizers are well proportioned and I can recommend the pakoras (deep fried veggies) and sizzling meat platters. I also recommend the desserts (try the rice pudding) and the dough balls with syrup. Try it even if you have an aversion to indian food it is delicious.
Andy W, Medford, OR
This is my family's fav Indian food restaurant in the area. We have been here four to six times and been overall satisfied with the experience. The food, in general, is flavorful (though once it was too salty), and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. The staff are always friendly. My wife always orders the Mali Kofta, and I vary. All good!
David S, Ashland, OR
The best indian food in the valley. Don't miss their awesome chai tea or the garlic naan. The lunch buffet is a great way to try out indian food if you're not familiar with it. The items change often. I've had really exceptional service here as well. They are very friendly and make you feel at home.
Kim H., Medford, OR
Only ate there once, but I came with my mom who often eats Indian food. She really liked it! We had chicken tikka masala, and lamb tikka masala. Both were pretty good. I would like to go there again to try something different. Service was very nice, and it wasn't overpriced in my opinion.
Kate K, Medford, OR
So great to find delicious Indian food on our sojourn down I5 between Corvallis and Oakland. We happened to drive by (on our way to a different restaurant!) and decided on the spot to stop. So glad we did. The service was friendly with a smile and genuine. The food was great - perfectly spicy for my taste. My boyfriend and I both had the lunch buffet. Normally we don't touch buffets but this one looked so good we had to try. We were not disappointed. Everything was delish and we were stuffed and ready to drive another 8 hours. Absolutely worth veering off the freeway and we will definitely stop again during our next holiday road trip. Oh and the price is beyond right - what a steal! Believe me, if they were here in the Bay Area, you'd gladly pay at least twice as much.
Lacey B, Oakland, CA
There are two Indian restaurants in Medford. I have eaten at both of them and prefer India Palace. Some people prefer India's Kitchen. I have met with someone who says this is not "authentic" Indian food and it's very Americanized. However, I LOVE Americanized, if that's what this is. The waitresses are always very pleasant and they know us on sight. I have never had bad service or food there. If you go to the buffet, it's best to get there early as with most buffets as everything will be fresh and hot. However, they keep up on adding fresh Naan, rice, and pakoras when they are getting low. I love their amazing vegetarian selection and everyone other than my two friends listed above adores this restaurant. My family, my in-laws, friends. Good food and service. The restaurant is quiet if you go for lunch, but gets to be average/noisy on weekend nights. I love that they have had fresh flowers and lit candles on the tables lately. It can be casual or romantic, whichever mood you are trying to set. Try the korma (with vegetarian chicken).. it's amazing!
Jenna B, Medford, OR
Great: I thought it was wonderful! The food is healthy and delicious, thank you for a wonderful time...the prices are also reasonable.
No Name Given,
My mom and I get the wraps. They're HUGE and tasty. Everything is healthy and it's authentic Indian food (not American versions). Great service too. When they give you a choice of what spicy level you want...start low and I mean really at one because I had a level three and I started crying (: She warned me though.
I don't know how people rate the food a one star!!! Everyone I know, and I mean EVERYBODY loves this food! I've eaten Indian food in Alaska, Chicago & San Francisco...doesn't touch this place. It is authentic and always delicious.
Food Lover,
My wife and I have been dining at India Palace for over 10 years. We think it's the best of its kind anywhere. The food is always prepared just as we ordered it, the service is excellent, and the atmosphere is conducive to quiet conversation and the enjoyment of a fine meal. We recommend India Palace to anyone with an appreciation of Indian cuisine.
Jim Andrews, Medford, OR